7.5 Tonnes of Beard Sludge Metal / Co. Antrim

Formed in the back of a seven and a half ton vehicle somewhere deep in Europe on a dark rainy day…..ack i’m only joking it was a lovely day!

Dirty, filthy and nasty are just some of the terms associated with these stone, sludgers from Belfast.

Featuring members of ASIWYFA, Diet Pills, Residual Effect, Stand-up Guy and Gacy’s Threads. Andy writes riffs on an old 24 fret guitar that has tuning issues…. he uses an iphone to create the guitar tones and an old 1962 premier drum kit to apply rhythm to them. Johnny plays bass on the ideas then Micky shouts over them! It’s very simple really…




Sludge Metal



Members (Current)

  • J. Adger - Bass
  • I. Booth - Live Guitar
  • A. Coles - Drums
  • B. Doherty - Live Guitar
  • M. Higgins - Voice