ALTAR OF PLAGUES hint at possible reunion… Posted: 06/12/2014 by John O'Brien

Cork’s Progressive Black Metal outfit ALTAR OF PLAGUES called it a day late year, but recent comments posted on the bands official facebook have suggested that the band are willing to reform for some live shows.


Needless to say, a reunion show or shows would be more than welcomed by fans all over the World.

Read the band’s full statement here…

“As soon as we called it quits, we began to receive the gig offers we never had before, and offers of money we never had. 

We still get these offers.

We don’t want any money, but if you have a small room that you want us to perform in, in 2015, then contact us. 

We will not be bought for a reunion but will willingly share our music with the right people.

No reunion. No explanation. Just music

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