Infernal Liturgy [OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO] by zhOra (2017)


King in Yellow: Richie McCormack
Riverchrist: Tom Woodlock
Anix: Aoibhe Ahearne
Balkor: Colin Bolger
The Tall Men: King Duggan, Stephen Mcgrath, Mog Gee
Concubines: Tara O’ Reily, Stacey Pyke, Amy Hanrahan
Skullsmen/Cannibals: Pancho O’ Meara, Bats Hanlon, Christopher Eleker, Ronan Nyhan, Amy Ryan, Kevin Twohig, Marc Ahearne, Hayden Ahearne, Hazel O’ Meara, Frank O’ Mahony

Directed & Edited by Zoe Kavanagh
Produced by zhOra & Thomas Andrew Quain
Cinematography by Izzy Diarra
Production Designers: Debbie McKibben, Lilla Nurie
Lighting: Dave O’ Brien
Costume Designer: Debbie McKibben
Special Fx: Lilla Nurie
Makeup: Emma Carroll, Jess Casserly

Special Thanks: The Children of the Forest


Deposed, the dead issue crunches underfoot like the snow.
I will break free from this.

A fire inside that feels like something like hope.
A fire that burns and sets me on the right path.
To wear your skin.

You see, a twinkling light was caught by eye
While these rattling ribs held the hungriest cage
And my nails and my teeth are willing and able.

I find it better if you struggle a bit
Watching blood pour over me – warm liquid canopy.
That scarlet robe – I feel like a king again.

And when that false debt is paid eating the old and the weak,
You’ll fall to your knees and continue to praise me.
Covered in the entrails of your elders and your firstborn.

Black out.
I came forth from the white to end this dearth of the red, but the horror
The horror when the only way is death, the only way is death to be absolved.

And if you deign to show a kindness, the pigs squeal willingly.

Our God is a liar.