Mr.Gray (Music Video) by Pedophile Priests (2019)

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”Mr.Gray” third single taken from the ”Cancer” album out now by Metal Scrap Records.

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Video directed, filmed & edited by Olga Kuzmenko

Music&Lyric written by Piotr Niemczewski

Mixed & Mastered at Invent Sound Studio…

Drums Recorded at SL Studios

„Mr. Gray“
*Lyric based on “Portrait of Dorian Gray” by Oscar Wilde

I am the flame
The moment’s lost

Life is a moment
There is no hereafter
There is no shame in pleasure Mr. Gray

Man just want to be happy
But society wants him to be good
To be good

I lived life that you preached
But never dared practise

I am everything you were afraid to be

So make it burn with the hardest flame
Way to get rid of a temptation is to yield to it

You have the only two things worth having

Youth and beauty
Beauty and youth

I’ve enter the tombs of dead nations
Ridden with our last savage tribes
I feel the brilliance of every moment
The splendour of existence…