Whiskey Lover (Official Music Video) by Maverick (2018)

Taken from the album ‘BIG RED’ released on 26/08/2016 by Metalapolis Records (Germany).

Edited by John Connor:

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MUSIC – Dave, Mike, Ryan

Jonny worked his fingers to bone,
Had a wife and kids it’s true.
Then one day he found himself loved up,
With a girl in high heeled shoes.
He tried to keep it all a secret.
A guilty rendezvous,
His web of lies, they came crashin’ down,
What was jonny to do?

He had everythin’ he wanted,
And god, was it not enough, no?
Hit the bottle like a bullet,

Drank himself from dawn to dusk!

– Chorus –
Whiskey lover!
Oh, let me see your face,
You gotta find yourself,
This life is yours to waste!

His life is in the gutter,
His job, not far behind.
Oh, the new girl’s gone,
She couldn’t take no more.
Now he’s on his own tonight.

He tries to call his wife sayin’ sorry,
Wants to see his kids grow tall.
Too little, too late, they’ve up and moved along, found a place to live alone.

He had everything he wanted,
But he threw it all away.
Hit the bottle like a bullet
Drank himself from day to day.

– Chorus –
Whiskey lover!
Would you swallow your pride as fast?
You gotta turn it around,
And find some peace at last!

– Solo Ryan –

Oh, to do it all again!
If he could go back,
If he could go back to the start.
Oh yeah! You gotta find yourself,
You can’t erase the past!

– Solo Mike –