URBAN ASSAULT: zhOra… All You Need To Know! Posted: 22/02/2017 by John O'Brien

We’re delighted to welcome back Tipperary’s wayward bunch of wandering metal misfits and all round dead on feckers!!!! ZHORA are no strangers to Cork and have always delivered 110%. Their headline performance at URBAN ASSAULT will be no different. Their second album “Ethos, Pathos, Logos” already in the bag and set for a Summer release. ZHORA are surely set for bigger things in 2017 and beyond...
Tom Woodlock (Drums)

Colin Bolger (Guitars/Vocals)
Pancho O’Meara (Guitars)
Alan O’Hanlon (Bass)

Early 2017 saw the band announce that their original bassist Ritchie McCormack had to step down from the band due to personal health issues, with NAUTILUS bassist Alan Hanlon now filling the spot.

  • – Where are are you from and who’s in the band?

We are from the ancient muddy guts of Ireland.
The home of the fabled Blue and Gold. Tipperfuckingrary!!
Four absolute miscreants. Namely Pancho, Colin, Tom and Alan. Our backgrounds involve all the best kinds of trouble and turmoil. We like Guinness.

  • – How long have you been active?

Five wonderful years of righting wrongs and confusing even the most accomplished foot tappers.

  • – Accomplishments to date!

We have spent countless night bellowing out our frustration on our beautiful island of Éire. We have also put down trips to Scotland, Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands. Our crowning achievements are our releases (Feet Nailed to the Ground, Almaz) and our biggest show to date at last years Wacken Open Air.

  • – Plans for 2017 and beyond?

We had a tumultuous 2016 which had us take a 6 month break from gigging. This has steeled and fueled us for 2017. We already have lot’s of gigs booked here as well as a trip to the U.K. in April and we have our sights set on Bloodstock. Our upcoming album “Ethos, Pathos, Logos” is also currently in the oven. We need to baste it a little more and we are planning a mid 2017 release. We have poured every type of bodily fluid imaginable into this and feel that upon it’s release it will be our greatest achievement to date. We are immensely proud of it.

  • – What are you’re influences?

Obviously we all grew up with the old and new classics in our ears. Pantera, Sepultura, Mastodon, Tool etc all come to mind. What really influences us though is the force that drives this whole thing we call reality. The fucking cogs of the Universe for lack of a better term. We are driven by this same force and our music is our way of trying to understand the mysteries of life while having a constructive platform to air our frustrations and accomplish our dreams.

  • – Is their anyone on Urban Assault you’re looking forward to?

We are lucky to know pretty much every band playing. Christ Agony will be new to our ears so we will be eager to check them out. There’s not a band on the day we would miss.

  • – What can we expect from your show?

This show was the first we booked after our hiatus. It was a real turning point which saw us find a direction to move in. We have our longest and most accomplished set to date ready. Its full of oldies and some brand new material. It’s simple really….we plan on giving the audience NO CHOICE. Raw, primal (urban)assault!

  • – Who would you kill to play/tour with?

Pick any of our influences. Every band dreams of playing with the bands that inspired them to pick up instruments in the first place. We were focused a little more on those things earlier in our existence and while we will still take the supports as they come, we are now massively focused on carving out a slice of the pie and leaving our mark. The future is bright, the future is zhOra.