URBAN ASSAULT: THE MAGNAPINNA…All you need to know! Posted: 22/02/2017 by Philip Morrissey

Another local Cork act and live favourites, we bring you the enigmatic and unique musings of dissonant alt-rockers, THE MAGNAPINNA. One of two Cork outifts to emerge in 2015 after the demise of the legendary FIVE WILL DIE, (the other being PARTHOLÓN). The band exude a healthy dose of humour in their music and live performances, as evident from their music video for the track ‘Charm Offensive’ and debut “Sex Tape” EP….
Daniel Howard (Guitars)
Alex Hayes (Guitars)
Mike Jordan (Bass)
Christian Carley (Vocals)
Ed Blunden (Drums)
– Where are you from, how did you get together?

The Magnapinna

“We are from the time period humanity currently occupies. A timeline that has no credible cultural zeitgeist or pulse on the surface. Art, Music, Literature and Science have been divided into the intolerable left and the homogeneous right. Existence is sustained by the opiate of recreational outrage, the academic gender elite, the self fellating and ego blubber that comes with a world dominated by instant and indirect human connections pursued without physical repercussions. Everyone feels entitled to have their voices heard as truth. After much worldly travel, self-searching, transcendental meditation, experiencing life at its most visceral and uncomfortable, the members of the Magnapinna have formed a band to penetrate analyse and comment on what it is to exist at such a time of human progression or regression. We ask the question, is there a credible cultural zeitgeist worthy of our collective attention? What is hip? What is trending? #themagnapinna? There is truth in what we do.”

There is a rumour that the band was formed upon the dissolution of legendary Cork sludge crew, FIVE WILL DIE. Definitely more of an alternative and dissonant rock band than the one who birthed them. Their love of depreciating humour and bands such as TOMAHAWK, FAITH NO MORE, MELVINS and NEUROSIS helped unite them and push them forward.

– Who is in the band?

“The rhythm tentacles of THE MAGNAPINNA are manned by Mike Jordan on bass and Ed Blunden on drums, their shared love of Jeff Porcaro, Disco music, Toto and all things related to the quarter note guarantee the moving of some feet and hips. The riff writing ego of Daniel Howard and technical expertise supplied by Alex Hayes adds unique and complex layers of harmonic dissonance and hooks a plenty. The icing on this cake is found in the unique vocal talents of Christian Carley (not actually a Christian) whose substantial performances, choice of samples and unique fronting ability leave no-one questioning the self-assured nature of THE MAGNAPINNA. We always put our best merchandise front of stage.”

– What can gig goers expect in terms of sound?

The least that any gig goer is to witness a band that is willing to bare their souls and reveal their inner self. Undoubtedly they have taken on many influences from their musical careers that have shaped them. Some of these include NEUROSIS, DAVID BOWIE, AC/DC, YOLANDI FOKKEN VISSER, NINJA, MILES DAVIS and countless others. They feel it is critical to bring all of that to the fore in order to create something original. Expect plenty of quirkiness, invention and an extremely tight and accomplished band.”

– Accomplishments to date?

It’s been a great financial year for the band. Numerous views on YouTube (prompted no doubt by the excellent ‘Charm Offensive’ video) has yielded a massive €1.25. Naturally, this all went back into the band rather than helicopters and strippers. Their debut EP “Sex Tape” was went down very well and more is hopefully due. The band also had the pleasure of sharing the stage with Japanese stoner rocker, ELECTRIC EEL SHOCK. After an up and down year for all of us the main achievement is they are still alive and producing music.

– Who are you looking forward to playing with imminently?


– Bands you’d wish to perform with?


– Plans for 2017?

“We’ve yet to hit our creative peak. We’re currently on our third wave of creative output. We smell the burning of the Holy Roman Empire from our distant shore. THE MAGNAPINNA are all too aware of the few steps it takes for a crisis to move from your TV to your front door. To make plans for the year ahead may seem like a pointless endeavour, but THE MAGNAPINNA are a self-fulfilling, ego driven beast that will pluck fruit from the bosom of life no matter what the odds. The cogs of the creative process are in full swing, two separate releases are planned for 2017. One recorded live to capture the darkest corners of our thinking and the other recorded in a more traditional way. We feel these releases will encompass where the band is creatively at this point of the planets orbit. This process will be examined and studied with a warts and all documentary being released. We feel this will help us and our fans understand the deeply disturbing and fascinating creative process THE MAGNAPINNA endure. Sadly, at the end of the day, from NEUROSIS to ABBA and back again it’s all just entertainment.”