TRUCKER DIABLO : Sign to ‘Off Yer Rocka Recordings’… Posted: 07/05/2015 by John O'Brien

Fair play to Armagh rockers TRUCKER DIABLO, who have signed a Worldwide deal with ‘Off Yer Rocka Recordings’ for a wider release to the band’s latest album, “Rise Above The Noise”.

Trucker_Diablo_2The album, which was originally recorded and self-released by the band through a PledgeMusic campaign, has been getting serious praise across the rock world… including here at the Archive. ‘Off Yer Rocka’ will release the album in the coming months but will also precede it with an EP.

OYR CEO Jonni Davis…
“We’ve known Trucker for a long time and this is a huge musical thrust North, it’s just a great FKN album and sits perfectly into what we’re all about… can’t wait to get this one out there.”
“They’re back and what an album we have in store for you! When the masters hit our desk, we knew instantly that it was exactly the sound that OYR were looking to sign!”

TRUCKER DIABLO‘s Tom Harte comments…
“When we decided to set up a pledge campaign for our new album, signing with a label was far from the agenda. When OYR got in touch it was like an old friend getting in contact. We have been friends with the guys for quite a few years now and have been lucky enough to be a part of the amazing festivals they host. So for us its an easy decision to make this next step into the OYR family and we trust our new album will find more ears through the great team they have working with them.”

“Rise Above The Noise” will be available via all good record stores and various platforms in June with a teaser EP out shortly before.

‘Big Truck Keeps on Rollin’