STREAMING : FIVE WILL DIE – ‘Altar Of The Void’ Posted: 22/05/2014 by John O'Brien

Cork’s Doom/Sludge titans FIVE WILL DIE have also just released a new stand alone tune which was aired exclusively on Trevor McCormack’s Cranium Titanium radio show on the 19th May. ‘Altar Of The Void’ shows the band stepping slightly outside of their usual tried and tested bombardment. A slow burner that gradually builds and obliterates eardrums.

Check it out at around the 21:30 minute mark on the player below…

More tracks are also written and ready record for the bands next release. And expect to see them gigging over the Summer.

Cranium Titanium Featuring FIVEWILLDIE Exclusive Track! by Trevormccormack on Mixcloud