ROAD RASH – ‘Wolftrap Mountain’ video Posted: 23/05/2014 by John O'Brien

road_rash_bandTotally new one for you, now!

You’d be forgiven for think this band would be Thrash or something along those lines with a name like ROAD RASH. But far from it! They are a new enough trio who started out some time in 2013. And obviously take their monicker from their love two wheeled vehicles.

There’s only the one track to bass an opinion on, to date! ‘Wolftrap Mountan’ is an unusual mix of Rock/Metal with touches of Post Rock, Stoner Rock and even Prog working through! And running at just over twelve minutes long it’s strangely addictive. The video for the track was also filmed at the actual Wolftrap Mountain and in the Slieve Bloom Mountains by band members Darren Keegan (bass/vocals) and Shane Fitz (guitars).

The bands debut release which will also be title ‘Wolftrap Mountain’ has been recorded and mixed by the bands drummer Daryl Hogan and is due for release in the coming weeks. And will include four tracks, ‘Queen of the Night’, ‘Ride Alone’, ‘Die Smiling’ and ‘Wolftrap Mountain’. More on that when it surfaces…