SOOTHSAYER: Sign to Transcending Obscurity Records… Posted: 12/09/2016 by John O'Brien

Some very welcome news just in that Cork’s atmospheric doom metal band SOOTHSAYER join the Transcending Obscurity Records roster and fit snugly alongside other international doom bands such as Officium Triste, Swampcult, Algoma, Drug Honkey, The Dead, and The Whorehouse Massacre.


Transcending Obscurity owner Kunal Choksi says, “Soothsayer have impressed me tremendously. I was casually going through my emails when I stumbled upon theirs and was overwhelmed upon listening to their brand of atmospheric doom with sludge and experimental touches. Although just an EP, their new release is unforgettable and riveting, without ever seeming forced or contrived. The ‘texture’ and the atmospheric quality is brilliant. Here’s hoping this release reaches out to many more in comparison to the band’s debut, and hope I’m able to do justice to this fine band.”

Soothsayer_-_At_This_Great_Depth_2016_01frontSOOTHSAYER add… “We are most humbled and excited to have signed with Transcending Obscurity Records. It is quite an honour to have them see something of worth in us. Kunal is doing outstanding work with this label and has been working hard to make it a varied and quality-filled roster. As we continue to work hard with our music, we know that Transcending Obscurity will be working along with us. This is a new chapter for us and for Transcending Obscurity. Let it be a colourful one and may the future hold all that we seek. We are the Soothsayer.”

SOOTHSAYER‘s 2nd EP will be titled “At This Great Depth”.

An official release date is not yet set, but expect it before the end of 2016…