SIEGE OF LIMERICK – SAMHAIN 2016: Timetable Of Bands… Posted: 27/10/2016 by John O'Brien

One of the (two!) best days of the Irish metal calendar is upon us again. When the Treaty City becomes haven to all of Ireland’s metalheads, as well as some very welcome foreign fiends. Let the SIEGE begin!!!

The timetable for this Sunday’s SIEGE OF LIMERICK – SAMHAIN 2016 has been made available, so be sure to take note of who’s playing which stage and at what time…!!! It’s always a pretty busy day at the Siege and never easy trying to catch all the bands you REALLLLLY want to see. But with a little planning it’s always a possibility. At least until the day of boozing catches up with you and all plans and good intentions are thrown to the wind…

The Siege of Limerick is an all day free metal festival held in the heart of Limerick city since 2008. This bi-annual event incorporates local, national and international metal bands and is run by Bad Reputation Ireland with sponsorship from Bavaria and Jagermeister. Since 2011 Dolans Warehouse and Pub has been the home of the festival.