Teamhair by Uaigneas (Doom Metal, 2018)



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1. Teamhair
    (I. Lia Fáil / II. Teamhair / III. The Sorrows / IV. Graves / V. Broken Things)

Release Date:  21st March, 2018.
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Recorded: Earth & Sky Recordings, Bonane, Co. Kerry, Ireland.
Engineered and Mixed by: Seán O’Sullivan with Dave Shapiro.
Mastered by: Chris Fielding, Skyhammer Studios, Chester, England.
Artwork: Cover Photograph and concept by Roibéard Ó’Bogail.
Band Photographs and layout by Stefanie Posthuma.

Music on parts 1,2 and 3 by Ó Bogail.
Music on parts 4 and 5 by Shapiro.
All lyrics written by Roibéard Ó’Bogail.  

Roibéard Ó’Bogail – Vocals, Whistle, Bodhrán
Dave Shapiro – Guitars, Low Whistle, Mandolin
Seán O’Sullivan – Keyboards, Guitars

Guest Musicians:
John Meskell – Dord Íseal (Bronze Horn), Violin
Abel Benito – Drums

Editor Notes:
‘Teamhair’ (Tara) was written about the building of the M3 motorway which resulted in huge amounts of archaeological sites found, and destroyed, all in the name of progress. The arrogance displayed at the time in Ireland was breathtaking. The punishment of the economic crash that followed, equally so. We could do well to learn from the past instead of being doomed to repeat stupidity over and over again

Roibéard Ó Bogail comments

“Lia Fáil” is an instrumental inspired by the Lia Fáil, the Stone of Destiny, the coronation stone on Tara which was supposed to screech when the rightful king approached it.”

“Teamhair” laments to falling of Tara from the most important centre of ancient Ireland to it’s insignificance in modern Ireland. Comparisons between the old and the modern are present throughout the lyrics (Gormlaith wife of Brian Ború, responsible for the battle of Clontarf with John Gormley, minister for the environment who sanctioned the destruction of many of the archaeological sites when the M3 was being built. Chariots in ancient times and its modern equivalent  the “horseless carriage”).”

Teamhair then moves to “The Sorrows” a chant asking the Lia Fáil if it feels sorrow for all that has befallen Ireland as the tears of Téa, the queen credited with the creation of Tara (Téa Mur – Téa’s Wall).”

“Graves” describes the destruction of the aforementioned archaeological sites and the arrogance and greed displayed by the populous as a whole.”

“Broken Things” describes  the aftermath of the economic crash and people being brought back to earth with a bang while the gods laugh on.”