Madman’s Chorus by Twisted Wrath (, 2013)



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1. North Titan
2. Madman’s Chorus
3. To The Sword
4. Smoke

Produced by Lasse Lammert at LSD Studios in Lubeck, Germany

Vocals/Guitar – Patrick Fitzgerald
Lead Guitar – Colin Dunne
Drums – David Mahony
Bass – Niall McGuinness


Editor Notes:

Review from original IMA blog…

A solid opening riff breaks out of the speakers for ‘North Titan’ and sets a tone for the rest of the EP. No bullshit! Just pure and honest “bang your fucking head” METAL…!!! The band don’t let up for one second during the course of the whole EP. It rolls along relentlessly like a tank, and God help anything that crosses its path. Excellently written and executed, there isn’t a hair out of place on this EP. It’s precise and to the point and there isn’t a dud track in the bunch! Their previous ‘Hath Fury’ EP was more straight-laced metal and also to a similar standard of quality, but far too short at only two tracks. Where ‘Madman’s Chorus’ at four quick-fire tracks is a heavier and richer sounding affair compared to it’s predecessor.

Highly recommended folks! And it’s free! Get this shit in your ears…. Pronto!