Black Rose: A Rock Legend by Thin Lizzy (Celtic Rock, 1979)


1. “Do Anything You Want To”       (Lynott) – 3:53
2. “Toughest Street in Town”       (Gorham, Lynott, Gary Moore) – 4:01
3. “S & M”       Brian Downey, (Lynott) – 4:05
4. “Waiting for an Alibi”       (Lynott) – 3:30
5. “Sarah”       (Lynott, Moore) – 3:33
6. “Got to Give It Up”       (Gorham, Lynott) – 4:24
7. “Get Out of Here”       (Lynott, Midge Ure) – 3:37
8. “With Love”       (Lynott) – 4:38
9. “Róisín Dubh (Black Rose): A Rock Legend”  (Lynott, Moore) – 7:06
I. “Shenandoah” (Trad., arr. Lynott, Moore)
II. “Will You Go Lassie Go” (F. McPeake)
III. “Danny Boy” (Trad., arr. Lynott, Moore)
IV. “The Mason’s Apron” (Trad., arr. Lynott, Moore)

Remastered edition (CD2)…
A new remastered and expanded edition of Black Rose was released on 27 June 2011.
This new edition is a 2-CD set, with the original album on disc one, and bonus material on disc two.

10. “Just the Two of Us” (B-side) (Lynott, Gorham)
11. “A Night in the Life of a Blues Singer” (Longer version) (Lynott)
12. “Rockula (Rock Your Love)” (Jimmy Bain)
13. “Don’t Believe a Word” (Slow version – Lynott/Moore vocals) (Lynott)
14. “Toughest Street in Town” (Different version) (Lynott, Moore, Gorham)
15. “S&M” (Nassau, 1978) (Lynott, Downey)
16. “Got to Give It Up” (Nassau, 1978) (Lynott, Gorham)
17. “Cold Black Night” (Nassau, 1978) (Moore)
18. “With Love” (Nassau, 1978) (Lynott)
19. “Black Rose” (Nassau, 1978) (Lynott, Moore)

Phil Lynott – bass guitar, lead vocals, twelve-string guitar
Scott Gorham – lead guitar, rhythm guitar, backing vocals
Gary Moore – lead and rhythm guitar, backing vocals
Brian Downey – drums, percussion

Additional personnel…
Jimmy Bain – bass guitar on “With Love”
Huey Lewis – harmonica on “Sarah” and “With Love”
Mark Nauseef – drums on “Sarah”[4] (uncredited)