MMXXIII by The Sept (Death Metal, 2023)



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1. A Nonmoral Sense  (02:29)  
2. The Endless Knot  (02:07)  
3. Fissures In That Which Is Reflected  (02:25)  
4. Homini Sacer  (02:52)  
5. Nåla Ukhthaz I  (01:51)  
6. Nåla Ukhthaz II  (07:32)  
7. Four Walls  (03:34)  

Release Date:  18th  December, 2023  
BUY/DOWNLOAD:  Cursed Monk Records   –   THE SEPT Bandcamp   

Written* and recorded by Philip Caomhánach / The Sept.
Vocals by Liam Hughes, Nick Vahdias and Suzanne Walsh.
Saxophone by Cathal Roche.
Liam Hughes’ vocals recorded by Pavol Rosa. Reamped, Mixed and mastered by Shauny Cads at Last Light Recording.
Layout by Philip Caomhánach. The Sept ℗,
MMXXIII. *Four Walls vocal was written for solo voice as ‘Four Walls, act 1 Scene VII’ by John Cage (1944).
Piano accompaniment written and performed by The Sept.
Sample on ‘A nonmoral sense’ taken from Prelude, by Richard Harris, from ‘I, in the Membership of My Days – Poems and Songs By Richard Harris & Sons’ ℗ 2012 Vintage Masters Inc.
Sample on Fissures in that which is reflected taken from The Field (1990). Ireland: Treesdale, Ltd.
Samples on Nâla Ukhthaz II taken from Waiting for Godot (2001). United Kingdom: BBC; Nosferatu: Phantom der Nacht (1979). Gemany: Gaumont/Herzog Filmproduktion.