Towards Elyzium by Arcane Sun (Doom Metal, 1995)



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1. Canto I (The Search)
2. Canto II (The Arrival)
3. Sundrenched (Beneath The Skies We Sought)
4. The Promise (A Culmination In Sorrow)

Thanks to Paul Kearns and Feargal Flannery for allowing me to upload this album for everyone to listen and download.
Thanks also to Paul Keohane and Daithi BM for passing on copies of the tape.

Bass – Cory Sloan
Drums – Stephen Norton
Guitars/Keyboards – Feargal Flannery
Guitar – Brian Carroll
Vocals – Paul Kearns

Recorded and mixed in Poppyhill Studios, Kildare in August 1995 by Willy Hayden.

Cover layout by Gordon Murphy.
Cover photography by Naihmass Nemtheanga (Alan Averill).



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