All Of This For Nothing by The Crawling (Doom/Death, 2023)



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1. March of the Worm (5:57)
2. Thy Nazerene (4:20)
3. Another Vulture (7:27)
4. Bound to the Negative (8:12)
5. A Light We Cannot See (5:20)
6. Leaving the Skin (5:18)
7. Sparrow (6:18)

Release Date:  04th August, 2023 
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Stuart Rainey – Bass / Backing Vocals
Andy Clarke – Guitar / Vocals
Gary Beattie – Drums

This album is a journey that focuses on the realisation life is finite. Many aspects of life cause heartache, hardship and misery. The tracks here explore the reasons and rationale for putting ourselves through such things when eventually it will all end in a black void … and all of this for nothing.

The artwork was created by Travis Smith (seempieces) and perfectly captures the music and its message.