Demo 1998 by Ten Point Rule (Hardcore, 1998)



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1. Me Vs Them 
2. Ego Trippers 
3. Educated Ignorance 
4. Earn My X’s 

Release Date:  Spring(ish) 1998 
DOWNLOAD:  Bandcamp  

Vince McCarthy – Vocals
Seán Keenaghan – Guitar/Vocals
Frank O’Brien – Drums

Editor Notes:

Thanks a million to Dave Hackett and Vince McCarthy for getting in touch, providing the band biography and for allowing the bands recordings to be added to the Archive and shared with everyone. And thanks to Alan Murray for submitting the tape recordings of this demo to the Archive.

“Ten Point Rule were formed in 1998.
The band played about 70 shows and 60 of them were upstairs in An Phoenix. Ten Point Rule played a handful of gigs in Nancy Spains, a now derelict bar and one of Corks great forgotten venues. One night the floor boards on the Nancy Spains dance floor broke due to the frenzy of The Point Rule mosh pit, such was the sign of a good gig back in those days.
An early incarnation of the band recorded this home made 4-track demo in early 1998. The demo was sent into and featured on the 2fm Metal Show. The band at this time would have been Vince McCarthy on vocals and Seán Keenaghan on guitars with Frank O’Brien on drums. Shortly after Kevin O’Brien and Dave Hackett would join the band on bass and drums bringing the popular live TEN POINT RULE to full fruition.”