His Lineage Ends by Stand-Up Guy (Post Rock/Metal, 2012)



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1. Shark Grey Suit
2. Rotate To Place
3. Lateral Line
4. Constant Gossip Of The Workplace
5. Vice Versa
6. Resonance Collapse
7. Fra Diavalo!
8. Dead Eyes
9. Right Angles, Wrong Angles

Released May 22, 2012
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Tracks 1-3. “His Lineage Ends”.
(Ian, Mike, Philip, Conor. 2010.)

Brian Collins – recording, mixing, mastering
Emma Kelly – artwork

Phil Donnelly / bass
Ian Booth / guitars, vocals
Michael Ahern – Guitars
Connor Mullan / drums

Tracks 4-6. “Has Anything You’ve Done Made Your Life Better?”.
(Ian, Paul, Philip, Keith. 2001.)

Tracks 7-9. “Immobiliare”.
(Ian, Paul, Philip, Keith. 2002.)

Phil Donnelly / bass
Ian Booth / guitars, vocals
Paul McClure / guitars, vocals (tracks 4-9)
Keith Coffey / drums (tracks 4-9)