at the Warzone Fest & In Session by Stand-Up Guy (Post Rock/Metal, 2003)



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1. Pinstripe [live 2003]  (04:15) 
2. Vice Versa [live 2003]  (03:27) 
3. Parked Across from the Bank [live 2003]  (03:30) 
4. Fra Diavolo! [live 2003]  (04:44) 
5. the Constant Gossip of the Workplace [live 2003]  (05:21) 
6. Longstoryshort [live 2003]  (06:02) 
7. Lateral Line [in session 2008]  (05:26) 
8. Memorial Make Manifest [in session 2008]  (05:23) 
9. Scarecrow Gaiden [in session 2008]  (06:13)

Release Date:  03rd March, 2023 
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20 years ago this year. Raw, intense, and driven.

We were honoured to play the Warzone Fest at Giros, Belfast twice. I remember those shows being completely unpredictable in terms of what to expect from certain bands, but also the audience. Thinking back, the freedom we had there was carefully protected. So thank you Warzone Collective; this recording would either have been captured by Mack or Glyn Smyth. Glyn later would create the artwork for our album Avenue Unawares.

Live 2003:  Booth/McClure/Donnelly/Coffey
In Session 2008:  Booth/Ahern/Donnelly/Mullan