Hold This Mortal Coil by Sonus Mortis (Death Metal, 2020)



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1. Metamorphosis
2. Hold This Mortal Coil
3. The Descending Dealate
4. Monolith
5. Join The Separated Symbiote
6. My Roads Have Red Veins
7. Tota Mors Certa Est
8. Valediction

Release Date: 30th January, 2020
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Mixed and mastered by Mick Richards in Trackmix Studios Dublin, Ireland

All lyrics & music by Kevin Byrne. All songs were written between 2017-2019 and recorded in 2019.


Editor Notes:

After a three (or so) year break, multi-instrumentalist Kevin Byrne (ex-VALEDICTION) returns with the latest offering from his solo project SONUS MORTIS. And as expected, it is another stunning piece of work. Right from the subtle opening notes and soundscape of ‘Metamorphosis’, you are treated to a vast array of brutal and melodic death metal riffs, blasts and his trademark synths.

Byrne takes a slight shift during fourth track ‘Monolith’, allowing the listener to process the preceding tracks while also absorbing this tracks more subdued approach. ‘Join The Separated Symbiote’ melds everything we’ve come to appreciate and enjoy about SONUS MORTIS into one incredible ten minute composition. It’s incorporates both melodic and brutal heft, yet juxtaposed with melancholic and engrossing synth and acoustic passages.

‘Tota Mors Certa Est’ initally comes across as fairly understated, but over a few listens it becomes clear that Byrne has added some new arrows to his quiver. ‘Valediction’ (a nod to his former band, maybe?) is shortest track on the album, serving it’s purpose as a suitable closing track by hitting you with a quick burst of intensity before abruptly ending and leaving you scurrying back for a repeat play of the album again.