Skewered by Skewered (, 2012)



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01. Contaminated
02. Bad Aids
03. Wretched Cum Slut
04. Ordained Abstained
05. Inside The Crematory
06. Bound And Gutted
07. Born Into Pain
08. Blasphetus
09. Rectal Polapse
10. Skewered
11. Pear Of Anguish
12. Razor Speculum
13. Others May Die

Recorded in September 2010 at Trackmix Studios.
Not released until early 2012 on Inherited Suffering Records & Anopsys Records.

Vocals – Mark Dolan
Bass – Salvador Maguire
Drums – Freddy Walsh


Editor Notes:

“Well! The debut album has finally been released. The production courtesy of Dublin’s Trackmix Studios is excellent. Each instrument is crisp and clear in the mix. The standard of the music is also brilliant. It’s quite easy for Death Metal bands to come across as sounding bland, but that’s certainly not the case with this release. A lot of the riffs are slow and steady with a bit of groove to them, but there is plenty of variety and a more than enough pummeling sections to furiously bang your head along with. All topped off with suitably gutteral vocals.

It’s available to stream and purchase through the SKEWERED Bandcamp site.”