Nematoid: Speciman Parts V​-​IIX by Scald (Death Metal, 2000)



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1. The Longest Day
2. Birthweight
3. Vanishing Point
4. Nematoid

4 Pulse emitters. rt: 20:03.
Recorded & mixed at ‘The Warzone Centre’, Belfast, July 2000.
Genetically engineered by Marty.
Productive exacerbation by Scald.
Sonic discomposure excretion by Pete.
Literary execration & image configuration by Paulrus.
Big Dee gets an assistant engineer credit for sitting smoking and commenting on various shit.

July 2000. Fifth element uprising. Secondary section of ‘Nematoid’ album. WZC / Marty repeat fusion alignment engaged offering up a convoluted blast of forwardspeed sludge-punctuated heathenoise Scaldery.

Bass/Vocals – Pete Dempsey (Crisistianity, T.V.P.)
Guitar – Mick Tierney (Bleeding Rectum)
Paul ‘Paulrus’ McCarroll – Drums (Crisistianity, T.V.P.)