Born With Teeth by Scald (, 1997)

Album Plays: 13

1. Maggot Farmer
2. Aware Inanimate
3. Flycatcher Orifice
4. Confusexcremental
5. Inside The Machine
6. Insular
7. Non-Selective
8. Body Forlorn

8 Pulse emitters. rt:28:42.
Recorded & mixed at ‘The Warzone Centre’, Belfast, Aug 1997.
Engineered by Marty. Produced by Scald.
All music Dempsey, except 4 by Dempsey & Bryan Ruth (Crisistianity).
All lyrics & Artwork by Paulrus.

August 1997. Third wave assault displaying variated ancient spells in their evolved and newfound twisted glory with Desk Master Marty re-engaged at the helm in the Warzone centre, Belfast. Initially launched as a one hundred round burst of D.I.Y. metallicrust sludge doomisthrash sonic armoury followed by ongoing visual re-incarnations.

Vocals – Pete Dempsey (Crisistianity, T.V.P.)
Guitar – Mick Tierney (Bleeding Rectum)
Paul ‘Paulrus’ McCarroll – Drums (Crisistianity, T.V.P.)
Bass – Paul ‘Big Balls’ McCorry (T.V.P.)