Octavia Dies by Primed (Alt Rock, 2006)


01. Myopia
02. Two Sides
03. Ebbings
04. Faking The Kill
05. Genuflection
06. Grief
07. I Am
08. Icarus Falls
09. Octavia Dies
10. Turn For The Worst

The debut LP from Primed, Octavia Dies, Recorded over ten days in January 2006 at Sanden Media Studios, Kristainsand Norway
All music written arranged and performed by Primed
Produced by Kjetil Nordhus, Sten Roger Sordal and Primed
Additional vocals, keys and arrangements by Kjetil Nordhus, Sten Roger sordal and Kenneth Silden

D: Vocals
Jonas: Guitars
Umma: Guitars
Leon: Bass
Dermot: Drums

Engineered, mixed and mastered by Sten Roger sordal and Roald Rasberg at Sanden Media [email protected]