Omniversal Antigenesis by Oncology (Death Metal, 2020)



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1. Expulsion Into The Human Psyche
2. Celestial Ruination
3. Ravagers Of Synaptic Cruelty
4. Virions In The Exosphere
5. Liturgies Etched In Blood
6. Tumultuous Echoes Of Punished Humanity
7. Omniversal Antigenesis
8. Moscovium
9. Transdimensional Blood Orgies In Overture 

Release Date:  17th July, 2020  
Released 17/07/2020 by Rising nemesis records and Sevared Records.
BUY/DOWNLOAD:  ONCOLOGY Bandcamp  –  Rising Nemesis Records  

Mixed by Connor.
Mastered by Pumpa @ DPK Studios, Dusseldorf, Germany.

Vocals :- Geoff
Guitars :- Connor
Drums:- Doru

*Bass on album played by Connor
Lyrics by Geoff
Music By Connor