Mak's Best Friend Is A Dyke by Nyhetsvarsel (, 2008)

1. Mak’s Best Friend Is A Dyke
2. Mak Is Gay
3. Mak’s Anal Adventure To The Ununholy Lair Of The Unnecrowizard To Retrieve The Pubic Hair Which He Must Inhale
4. Mak’s Anal Adventure (Part 2)
5. And As He Reached The Summit Of Balls Mountain, A Faggish Scream Was Heard, And Balls Were Touched
6. I Got Athlete’s Foot Showering At Mark’s (Anal Cunt Cover)
7. Mark McCann Has Gingivitis (Anal Cunt Cover)
8. Engelen Klappemus (Drunken Bonus Track)


The full release was made available for FREE DOWNLOAD from the band.