Dave Mustaine Sounds Like A Vagina by Nyhetsvarsel (, 2007)

01. Mountains Of Grim Despair
02. Lost Mountains Of Frozen Death
03. Diabolical Enchantress Of The Pagan Winds
04. Columbine Was Nowhere Near As Funny As The Holocaust
05. Necrobates Upon The Inverted Glaciers In Upper Northern Norway
06. Inverted Cobwebs Of The Furthermost Semicolon
07. Phobophile (Cryptopsy)
08. Infinite Realms Of Those Who Speak Silence
09. Raped By The Unholy Frosbitten One
10. Summoning Of The Deadly Decidious Treelord
11. Chapel Of The Victorious Abyss
12. Condemning The Wizardly Autopsy Of The Haunted Mantlepeice
13. Satanic Warlords Form The Incarnation Of Plastieklijm
14. Glacier Necrobation
15. niigw4 od stonlwngooofds (Bonus)


The full release was made available for FREE DOWNLOAD from the band.