Marking The Day by Nomadic Rituals (Doom Metal, 2017)

Album Plays: 3

1. From Nothing
2. Expansion
3. Far From the Sun
4. Watching the Cycles
5. Narrowing of the Light
6. Face Down in the Sea of Oblivion


Recorded & Mixed by Niall Doran at Start Together Studio (Belfast, Northern Ireland)
Mastered by Brad Boatright at Audioseige (Portland, Oregon)

Concept & Creation by Nomadic Rituals.

Craig Carson – Bass, Vocals & Synth Noises
Peter Hunter – Guitar, Vocals & Synth Noises
Mark Smyth – Drums & Samples

‘Marking the Day’ was created as a concept album envisioning the birth and death of the cosmos, and ultimately focusing upon our subsequent place within it. From the formation of physical matter and structure of the universe; to the division of the first single cells and the evolution of the dominant species; to the final and inevitable heat death of the entire universe. Each track takes a narrowing perspective which begins to focus on the role of our species living on a single planet in an ancient dying universe.