No Sweat by No Sweat (Hard Rock, 1990)


1. Heart And Soul
2. Shake
3. Stay
4. On The Edge
5. Waters Flow
6. Tear Down The Walls
7. Generation
8. Lean On Me
9. Stranger
10. Mover

Produced by Keith Olsen for Pogo Logo Corp.
Recorded at Goodnight L.A. studio’s in Van Nuys, California, USA.

Paul Quinn (lead vocals)
PJ Smith (keyboards & vocals)[2]
Jim Phillips (guitars & vocals)
Jon E. Angel (bass)
Dave Gooding (guitars & vocals)
Ray Fean (drums)

Jimmy Crichton (keyboard programming)
James Kottak (additional drums)
Michael Sadler (backing vocals)
Tim Pierce (additional guitars)
Claudia Fontaine (backing vocals)
Shelley Buckspan (backing vocals)
Johnnie Edwards (slide guitar)

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