Demo[n] by Nimh Stil (, 2011)

1. An Nimh Stil
2. Demon one: Bat
3. Demon two: Wisp
4. Circle of Stones
5. Sand
6. Demon three: Ghoul and the Church
7. Torched Land (** Bonus)

(**) ‘Torched Land’ was released as a bonus track on the 2013 cassette re-released of ‘Demo(n)’ by Tyrellicus USA. It was also featured on the 2013 Irish Metal Archive compilation ‘An Chéad Tonn – The First Wave’.

C – Vocals / Guitar / Lyrics
P – Guitar / Mixing / Lyrics
B – Drums
S – Bass

Editor Notes:

Unfortunately…All NIMH STIL web pages have been taken down, including their bandcamp, so there is no longer a stream available for this release.