Demo by Mortal Affliction (Death Metal, 1993)



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1. I Grant Pain
2. Death Becomes You
3. Section Eight
4. Assemble To Destroy

Big thanks to Dominic Sloan for getting in touch and passing on the demo.

Recorded in 1992 in Xeric Studios, Limerick. Released in 1993.
There were about 200 copies of the demo tape made.
The first 100 tapes have a different ending to ‘Assemble To Destroy’ as the studio messed up the master, but let them re-record the ending to make up for it. So the second 100 copies were different.

Vocals/Guitar – Nigel Donohue [RIP 1999]
Guitar – Dominic Sloan
Drums – John Guerin
Bass – John Sloan
Bass – Mark O’Doherty