Rise of the Bastard Deities by Morphosis (Death Metal, 2009)



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1. Plight of the Fallen Ones
2. Psychosomatics
3. Kindred
4. Rise of the Bastard Deities
5. Depraved
6. Conflagration
7. Preyed Upon
8. Crown of Thorns
9. Shred
10. Rabid

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Recorded, mixed and mastered by Michael Richardson at Trackmix Studios, Dublin between June and October 2008. Contains five newly written songs and five re-worked versions of earlier material.
Guest vocals on “Kindred” by Nemtheanga from Primordial.

Vocals/Bass – David “George” Thomas
Guitars – Vinnie O’Brien
Vocals – Karl “Squelch” Walsh
Drums – Sam Lambert