Bringers Of The Dark Sleep by Legion Of Wolves (Death Metal, 2010)



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01. Bringers Of The Dark Sleep
02. You Shall Know
03. Grond (Hammer Of The Underworld)
04. Brothers Of Fury And Iron
05. Plague Of The Immortal
06. Forged In Fire And Combat
07. Summoning The Elite
08. Sorrow Made MAdness
09. Obsidian
10. Heavy Mass Of Murder

Release Date:  17th November, 2017
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Drums & Vocals recorded by Giorgios Fillipou at Bree Studios in Athens, Greece.
Guitars & Bass recorded by Arkadiusz Kupiszowski at Wolfschanze in Saggart, Dublin.
Mixed & Mastered by Ivan at Anthropocide Studios, Ukraine.
Cover Art by Giannis Nakos of Remedy Art Design in Athens, Greece.

Arkadiusz Kupiszowski – Guitars
Cory Annatar – Guitars & Bass
Krzysztof Kostepski – Vocals
Jason Connolly – Drums & B.Vocals

Giannis Nakos – Guest Vocals