Aid To Worship by Iona Death Cult (Doom Metal, 2018)



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1. The Apathy Of Ghosts
2. Slumlord
3. Whores And Thieves
4. Kafka
5. Mother Gaia
6. Inverted World

Release Date: 28th March, 2018
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Recorded in Solus Sound Studios Bray
Produced by Edward Brophy
Drum production by Edward Brophy and Adam Cichocki
Mixed and mastered by Edward Brophy
Album artwork by Guilherme Dourart

Bass,Vocals: Stephen O’Connor
Guitars: Edward Brophy
Drums: Adam Cichocki

Editor Notes:

“Six meditations on a cold future now

Formed from the ashes of local stoners Terminal Commuter and featuring Adam Cichocki , former drummer of doom legends Obiat, in ‘Aid To Worship’ Iona Death Cult seek to convey a future now, a dystopian cultural wasteland in which Ireland suffers under the yoke of an oppressive black clad cult that tells everyone what to do, and where the extremes and evils of capitalism and neoliberalism are making people miserable.”