Hot Brains Terror by I’ll Eat Your Face (Death Metal, 2011)



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1. Weasel Tank Slime
2. Acid Worm Monsoon
3. Brainwolf: Revenge of the Priest
4. Drowning Dogs in a Swamp
5. Enslaved by the Prawnmaster
6. Reverse Eagle Embeastment
7. The Eels of Love Lake
8. Castle of Vomiting Owls
9. Forever Sealed in the Electric Brains’ Melting Slug-Ray

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Drums/Screams: Barrytron
Guitar/screams: The Boy

Recorded Summer 2011 at DATA studio, Co. Kerry
Engineered by Tadgh Healy
Produced by Tadgh Healy/I’ll Eat Your Face
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