Split 10" by I’ll Eat Your Face (Death Metal, 2009)



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1. HUWWTD – 2012 (A Jurassic Odyssey)
2. HUWWTD – Fish And Rashers
3. HUWWTD – Treacle
4. HUWWTD – Nothing Added But Boom
5. Irritant
6. Internal Mind Disco
7. F__k_asta_d
8. P_ke On My Co___e
9. The ____nted _u_t
10.I ___ed Your Novel
11.Three Blind __ce
12.You Are Shit

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Tracks 1-4  ; Hands Up Who Wants To Die
Recorded , mixed and mastered by James Eager in the Hive studios , Kilcoole

Tracks 5-12 ; I’ll Eat Your Face
Engineer/recording: Phil Cotter

Sleeve Artwork by Johnny Burger Pimp

HUWWTD bonus Track “Graveyards For The Lovers” available for FREE with their download taken from the limited edition Richter Collective Singles Club 4 Cd with BATS and Guilty Optics .
Also a copy of the lyrics sheet from the split 10″