Split by Hydropneumothorax (, 2013)

INFESTER – ‘Hidden Medico-Pathological Inquests (Part 2)’
01. Atypical Intraosseous Osteolytic Meningioma Mimicking Calvarial Metastasis
02. Resection Of TheExtra Hepatic Bile Duct And Billiary Reconstruction Of The Neighbouring Arteries
03. INFESTER – Malicious Type VIII Segmental Branched Vein Sarcoma
04. Non Benign Lymphocytic Interstitial Pneumonitis Occusion
05. Hyperscogeniclymphblastia Of The Paranasal Synus Mucoids
06. Desmoplastic Reaction And Calcification In The Mesenteric Contrary To Liver Metastisis
07. Dr. Gore (‘Mortician’ Cover)

HYDROPNEOMOTHORAX – ‘Cerebral Tumorectomia’
08. Colonic Worm Infestation
09. Localised Hemgenic Sore
10. Pseudosarcomic Production
11. Bowels In Or Bowels Out?
12. Hepatic Vascular Malfunction
13. The Good Doctor Feels Your Pain…
14. Chronic Lumbardectonic Infection
15. Brain Matter Splatter
16. Resurrecting The Inner Demons