The Synapse Collision by Hexxed (Death Metal, 2010)



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1. Engaging the Flow
2. The Sound of Thought in Torsion
3. The Electric Mind (pt. one)
4. Rewire
5. Unearth
6. Channels
7. Perceptions Derailed
8. The Aetheric Plane
9. Ataraxia & The Subsequent Flight
10. Critical Mass
11. The Electric Mind (pt. two)
12. Triclopics

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Percussion sample in The Electric Mind Pt.1 by Martin Byrne
Percussion, Bass and Guitar recorded by Niall Kelly, Ryan Gorman
and Owen Boden at various locations between the years 2007 and 2009
Vocals recorded by Jack Ledwith
Mixed and Mastered by Jack Ledwith and HEXXED
Vocal samples in The Electric Mind courtesy of Richard P Feynman
Artwork, design and layout by Glyn Smyth (Scrawled)

Martin Byrne – Vocals
Niall Kelly – Drums, Percussion and Synth
Owen Boden – Guitar, Vocals and Synth
Ryan Gorman – Bass and Guitar Synth
Steve McCann – Guitar/Vocals