The Obsidian Dialogue by Gaoth (Atmospheric Black Metal, 2021)



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1. Consciousness Capable Of Higher Abstraction 02:00
2. Theia Mons 09:12
3. Antecedence 07:57
4. Three Stars 09:34
5. Divine The Path To Ascend 09:48
6. Illumine 09:52
7. (profectionem) 01:50
8. The Obsidian Dialogue pt.1…Celestial Wreath 09:18
9. The Obsidian Dialogue pt. 2…Cessation 12:50

Release Date:  26th February, 2021  
BUY/DOWNLOAD:   Bandcamp  

F.S. – All music, lyrics, vocals & recording / production. 

“The Obsidian Dialogue” is the long awaited 2nd album from GAOTH, a one man Atmospheric / Post Black Metal project from Ireland.

Scheduled for a 2018 release, but subsequently delayed until 2021, this album deconstructs the earthy boundaries established in the debut record, with a vision far exceeding the depth, breadth and scope of “Dying Season’s…”