Whispers Among the Trees by Fornoth (Acoustic Black Metal, 2022)



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1. The Eternal Past (01:06)
2. By the Creek (01:34)
3. Earthenkind (02:04)
4. Autumn and Spring (01:18)
5. Far Away (01:18)
6. Tipplers’ Dance (03:48)
7. The Bottom of the Glass (00:59)
8. A Haven of Mischief (00:42)
9. Pre-Dinner Festivities (00:50)
10. Corruption of the Spirit (01:50)
11. Vanquished Dreams of Yesteryear (03:52)

Acoustic instrumentals.
A journey, but without the moving.
There are no lyrics in the songs so some poems (in the download) were written to read while you listen.

Release Date:  26th April, 2022

Written by Fornoth
Recorded at three undisclosed locations by Fornoth
Cover art by Fornoth
Poetry by Fornoth