Recipe for Recession by Filthspitter (Punk, 2013)


1. Recipe for Recession
2. Punk Credentials
3. I Gotta Mind
4. Shattered
5. Fucked & Forgotten
6. He’s Dead
7. Cluster Bomb
8. A Nice Little Lie
9. Society Zombies


Recorded in June 2013 by Shay Leon in Shay’s Studios, Loughrea, Co. Galway, Ireland.

Cathalstrophic – Vocals
Kradmar – Guitar
Slaine – Drums

Its main concept to inform and enlighten a generation trapped by technology with access to everything but reality, and the importance of thinking for yourself, knowing your rights and never backing down. A warning against a drone-like society and the hypocrisies behind the smiles of government crooks.
Raw, uncompromising old-school punk metal, crushing the formulated genre of bullsh*t!