(Idin Idout) The Turd Place by Dyslucsic (Doom Metal, 2004)



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1. I Hope You Die Of Syphilis
2. D’Acoustic & D’Crackle Fairies
3. Lazy Eyed Psyco vs The Slug
4. Attack Of The Chinese CurryGhost
5. A Perversion Of Justin
6. Cunts From Drogheda
7. Cannabis Psychosis-ter
8. [Hidden Tracks] (bonus)

Thanks to Johnny Kerr for giving me permission to add this album to the Archive.
Recorded in Fatdog by Boris O’shea

Vocals – Kevin ‘Spud’ Murphy (Guilty Parties)
Bass/Guitar/Vocals – Shane Menaney (Guilty Parties)
Drums – Johnny Kerr (Scavenger, Cisco Pike, Granite, Two Tales Of Woe, Fuckhammer, Okus)