God Looks Down On Your Sort by Dyslucsic (Doom Metal, 2006)



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1. Valley Of The Halflings
2. Ugly, Pregnant, Homeless
3. Fighting With Girls In Wheelchairs
4. Break That Nurse
5. Would Ye Fuckin’ Stop (Carol Ann)
6. Shave Your Nails
7. Spa Massage
8. Smells Like a Fuckin’ Knacker
9. [Hidden Tracks] (bonus)

Thanks to Johnny Kerr for giving me permission to add this album to the Archive.~
Recorded in Fatdog by Boris O’shea

Vocals – Kevin ‘Spud’ Murphy (Guilty Parties)
Guitar/Vocals – Shane Menaney (Guilty Parties)
Drums – Johnny Kerr (Scavenger, Cisco Pike, Granite, Two Tales Of Woe, Fuckhammer)
Bass – Kenn Bell (Cisco Pike, Thin As Lizzy, Bonfire)