Ravens Fuel The Sky by Drakonis (Black Metal, 2015)



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1. Ravens Fuel the Sky
2. Fear of the Wretched
3. Bonegrinder
4. Skeletons (**)
5. Unleash the Night (**)
6. Beneath the Storm (**)

Released April 7, 2015
(**) Tracks 4 to 6 are bonus songs, originally recorded under the working title of “Order Of Shadow”. These were added to show how the band have developed over each recording phase.
All tracks written by Drakonis

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Saul McMichael
Artwork by Saul McMichael
Band Logo by Lee James (Cyclops Jesus Design)

Cass Cassidy – L.Vocals
Saul McMichael – Guitars/B.Vocals/L.Vocals on (** bonus tracks)
Tommy Hewitt – Guitars
Lee McCartney – Drums
Stephenie Dickey – Bass