A Place Of Memories And Ghosts by Dark_Matter (Ambient Metal, 2012)



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1. Abstract State Machine
2. Compression Syndrome
3. The Persistence Of Memory
4. Gates Of Salvation
5. Broken Mirrors
6. 9 Circles
7. Reversion Therapy
8. Remembrance
9. Planetary Collapse

Release Date:  26th October, 2012 

Guitars, Keyboards, Synths – Eoin Crowley (Square1, Giora, Twilight Of Harmony)
Drums, Programming & Recording Engineer – Dave O’Dowd (Fat Baby Panda, Full Shred, Giora)
Bass – Michael Lee (Frequency Void)

Vocals on “Remembrance” and “Planetary Collapse” by Aoife McLoughlin
Produced by Mike O’Dowd @ Lakeland Studios (
Vocals recorded by Ciaran Culhane ([email protected])
Artwork by Anais Chareyre (


Review from original IMA blog…
Intrumental bands have their work cut out for them, if you ask me. Making up for the lack of an obvious frontman can be difficult. As it’s usually the frontman that interacts with a crowd. And on record the band have to be able to keep a listeners attention for its duration. So it’s important for an instrumental band to have that something extra. Dare I say it… The X-Factor! Fortunately for DARK_MATTER, they have that “something”. Dark atmosphere and melody, as well as an ear for knowing when to hit the throttle and again to pull back are the trademark qualities that help them stand alone from the crowd. A trait which serves them well both on record and on the live stage.

Opening track ‘Abstract State Machine’ begins with a soft guitar and synth intro, louring the listener in before a lead guitar build up introduces the band fully. Mid-period ANATHEMA comes to mind while listening to this piece. Certainly not a bad thing and a hint of the fairly dominant ‘Eternity’ and ‘Alternative 4’ influence that is maintained throughout the whole album. Next up are two tracks that featured on the bands debut ‘_adrift_EP’ from 2010. Re-workings of ‘Compression Syndrome’ and ‘The Persistance Of Memory’, both of which have certainly benefited from the production upgrade. Clearer and much more rounded than the original versions, which shows how much the band have developed in the last few years.

From here on it’s all new material. ‘Gates of Salvation’ begins with the bands familiar mid-paced delivery but develops nicely during the later half. Even though there is a noticeable break between ‘Gates…’ and the next track ‘Broken Mirror’, it strikes me that they may have originally been intended to flow into each other. More an observation than a critique that in no way detracts from the tracks themselves. ‘9 Circles’ and ‘Reversion Therapy’ see the band letting loose a little and rock out a bit more. A welcome change of pace before the closer duo. Penultimate ‘Remembrance’ is a slower number than the previous tracks for the most part that builds with intensity till its inevitable climax. And album closer ‘Planetary Collapse’ sees the band at their most tranquil and laid back on one hand while countermanding that tranquility with aggressive bursts of metal on the other. I can’t help but think this track could have been developed a touch further. It builds to a final climax and then just stops. Maybe it’s just because it’s the albums closer, but I really wish there was more of an “EPIC” quality to it.

Latest addition to the group, Michael Lee, makes his stamp on this release. His bass lines add plenty of weight and are both prominent and understated as needed. Dave O’Dowd’s drumming is well thought out and methodical with nothing out of place. The use of synths and keys can be a bit much at times, but overall it adds to the atmosphere as a whole. And Eoin Crowley’s guitar leads and melodies are excellently placed all over the album.

Fair play! Lads… You’ve produced a quality Irish release with ‘A Place Of Memories And Ghosts’. The album is available to stream in full from the Metal Ireland website and from the embedded player below. CD copies can be bought from the band at gigs or from their Bigcartel page…