In Great Distress And In Need Of Immediate Assistance by Czech Streets (Experimental, 2012)



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01. Slay Your Betrayers
02. The Strangest Thing To Ever Have Happened
03. Bears. Beets. Battlestar Galactica
04. Freeburd
05. To Pieces You Say
06. Drowned In A Dry Ditch
07. Bless Yourself Before You Mess Yourself
08. Pandemic II
09. All They Have Is Just
10. As The Populace Envisages Some Preposterous Sort Of Apocalyptic Demise, Humanity Will Incur Upon Itself An Unholy Measure Of Paranoiac Discord, Only To Discover That All That Exists At The End Of The Earth, Is The Letter H
11. Tombine Harvester


Released 03 December 2012
Recorded, Mixed and Mastered @ Day One Recording Studios

K [Guitars, Vocals]
C [Drums, Bass]

F [Tambourine, Death Growl, Bass on Track 8]
E [Guest Vocals on Track 10]
D [Drums on Track 8]
T [Presence on Track 11]