Rebirth Through the Blackend Crust of Doom by Crom Cruach (Black Metal, 2014)


01. Rebirth
02. Through the Blackend Crust of Doom
03. It Was Only Sleeping
04. The Flesh of One
05. Metal Dead Corrosion
06. Beyond the Lunar Gates
07. Rise Above
08. Unleash Thy Will
09. Dream Weaver
10. Transcendental Hammer
11. No Need for Words
12. C.K.S.
13. The Simple Truth
14. A Mist of Shadows
16. It’s All Gone to Shit (I’m Still Here)
17. I, Creation
18. Howling At the Wolf
19. We Are Here


This a two-part experimental album from Crom Cruach, a three-piece band from Ireland.

Part 1: “Through the Blackend Crust of Doom” (Tracks 1-10):
Heavy and electric.

Part 2: “No Need for Words” (Tracks 11-19):
Instrumental vocals and clean guitar.