Curse Of The Fallen by Conjuring Fate (Heavy Metal, 2019)


1. The Premonition
2. Burn The Witch
3. Voodoo Wrath
4. Midnight Skies
5. Journey’s End
6. Daughter Of The Everglades
7. Night Of The Knives
8. No Escape
9. Children Of The Night
10. Original Sin

Release Date 15th November, 2019  
BUY/DOWNLOAD: Pure Steel Records  

Recorded in guitarist Phil Horners studio over 12 days between April/May 2019.Mixed and mastered by Josh Robinson @ JSR Audio.
Cover Art Work by Kym Horner Design –

Tommy Daly – vocals
Phil Horner – guitars
Karl Gibson – guitars
Steve Legear – bass
Niall McGrotty – drums